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Given Name Birth Death Partner Parents
Betty 0-06-18   Parlaska, Bill Davis, Clarence Etinson(sp?), [Living]
Clarence     Etinson(sp?), [Living]  
Clarence Clifford 1925-12-15 1960-07-22 Batson, [Living] Davis, Clarence Etinson(sp?), [Living]
E. 1816   Temple, Priscilla F.  
Elizabeth Hannah about 1832   Meyer, Moritz Davis, E. Temple, Priscilla F.
Hattie     Goodwin, Marvin N  
Jimmy       Davis, Clarence Etinson(sp?), [Living]
[Living]     Mimms, [Living], Whitmire, [Living], Davis, [Living] Davis, Clarence Clifford Batson, [Living]
[Living]     Wirt, [Living], Patterson, [Living] Davis, Clarence Clifford Batson, [Living]
[Living]     Patton, [Living], Howard, [Living] Davis, Clarence Clifford Batson, [Living]
[Living]     Landen, [Living] Davis, [Living] Whitmire, [Living]
[Living]     Davis, [Living], Thornton, [Living]  
[Living]     , [Living] Davis, [Living] Patton, [Living]
[Living]     Poras, [Living] Davis, [Living] Patton, [Living]
[Living]       Davis, [Living] , [Living]
[Living]       Davis, [Living] , [Living]
[Living]       Davis, [Living] , [Living]