This page contains an index of all the individuals in the database with the surname of Orsborn. Selecting the person’s name will take you to that person’s individual page.

Given Name Birth Death Partner Parents
Abraham about 1735 about 1792 Hole, Rachel Orsborn, Hur , Mary
Daniel 1796-12-17 1860-12-17 Speckles, Margaret, Burkett, Dorothy Orsborn, Uzal Springer, Deborah
Dorothy 1830-06-24 1831-06-11   Orsborn, Daniel Burkett, Dorothy
Hur about 1712 1777-06-20 , Mary Orsborn, Thomas Miller, Esther
Isaac       Orsborn, Abraham Hole, Rachel
Margaret 1823-03-22     Orsborn, Daniel Speckles, Margaret
Martha 1828-05-17 1880 Teller, George W. Orsborn, Daniel Burkett, Dorothy
Mary Ann 1826-08-06 Keeler, Baker Orsborn, Daniel Burkett, Dorothy
Nancy Jane 1837-05-01 Hatter, Jacob Orsborn, Daniel Burkett, Dorothy
Philip 1821-04-22 1863-02-09   Orsborn, Daniel Speckles, Margaret
Rachel       Orsborn, Abraham Hole, Rachel
Sally Ann 1832-06-30 1912-01-18 Seaba, Christopher Orsborn, Daniel Burkett, Dorothy
Samuel 1818-07-04 1866-03-29   Orsborn, Daniel Speckles, Margaret
Samuel       Orsborn, Abraham Hole, Rachel
Samuel       Orsborn, Uzal Springer, Deborah
Thomas     Miller, Esther  
Thomas       Orsborn, Uzal Springer, Deborah
Thomas William 1819-08-03 1832-08-15   Orsborn, Daniel Speckles, Margaret
Tillitha 1828-05-17 1904-01-17 Wight, Orange Scott Orsborn, Daniel Burkett, Dorothy
Uzal 1773 1840 Springer, Deborah, Brookhart, Jemima Orsborn, Abraham Hole, Rachel