Henry, Marvin Goodwin

Birth Name Henry, Marvin Goodwin
Gender male
Age at Death 4 days


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth 1910-03-25 Deepwater, Henry, Missouri, USA Birth of Henry, Marvin
Death 1910-03-29 Deepwater, Henry, Missouri, USA Death of Henry, Marvin


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Henry, Edward Howard
Mother Goodwin, Margaret Elizabeth
    Brother     Dr. Henry, Robert Glenn
    Sister     Henry, Ruth Janette
    Sister     Henry, Esther Jane
         Henry, Marvin Goodwin
    Brother     Henry, Edward
    Sister     Henry, Rosa Lee



From the Kansas City Star:
A Girl and 2 Boys THANK YOU
Deepwater Mo. triplets greeted by Kansas City Kansas doctor.
A hurry call took Dr. E. A. Reeves of 950 Ohio Ave. Kansas City Kansas to Deepwater Mo. 100 miles away Friday to be present at the arrival of triplets in the home of Dr. And Mrs. E. H. Henry. Dr. Reeves returned to Kansas City yesterday afternoon. "There were two boys and a girl" Dr. Reeves said. "The girl weighed 6 1/2 lbs. One boy weighed 6 lbs and the other 5 lbs. All were in good health when I left." Mrs. Henry is 35 years old. She has twin daughters 4 yrs. old and a son 12 yrs. old. Mrs. Henry is Mrs. Reeves sister. Dr. Henry is a dentist in Deepwater.
(note, Marvin Goodwin Henry lived only 4 or 5 days.) - Ruth Henry West


  1. Henry, Edward Howard
    1. Goodwin, Margaret Elizabeth
      1. Dr. Henry, Robert Glenn
      2. Henry, Ruth Janette
      3. Henry, Esther Jane
      4. Henry, Marvin Goodwin
      5. Henry, Edward
      6. Henry, Rosa Lee