Gorden, Thurl David

Birth Name Gorden, Thurl David
Gender male
Age at Death 81 years, 11 days


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth 1903-07-23 Milford, Decatur, Indiana, USA Birth of Gorden, Thurl David
Death 1984-08-03 LaPorte, LaPorte, Indiana, USA Death of Gorden, Thurl David
Marriage 1923-12-25   Marriage of Gorden, Thurl David


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Gorden, William Lafayette
Mother Sinton, Minnie Laura
    Sister     Gorden, Bernita
         Gorden, Thurl David
    Brother     Gorden, Emanuel G.
    Brother     Gorden, Israel C.


    Family of Gorden, Thurl David and Stites, Grace Irene
Married Wife Stites, Grace Irene
Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Marriage 1923-12-25 Elkhart, Elkhart, Indiana, USA Marriage of Gorden, Thurl David and Stites, Grace Irene
Event Note

Thurl and Grace married in Indiana, probably Elkhart, near South Bend. -[Living] Gorden June 2011

  1. Gorden, [Living]
  2. Gorden, [Living]
  3. Gorden, [Living]
  4. Gorden, Lois Adeline
  5. Gorden, Donald Frank
  6. Gorden, Thurl William Jr.
  7. Gorden, Phyllis Elaine



Thurl Gorden was born in Indiana, probably Milford. [Living] Gorden doesn't know how long they were there since Grandpa Gorden[William L. Gorden] was what they called a church planter, establishing new churches and so forth. He knew Minnie Gorden (Minnie Sinton Gorden), but not Grandpa. He spent weekends with her in the summer, and got poison ivy on his behind. The kids went swimming where his grandmother lived when he was born. Uncle Emanuel and Aunt Rose lived next door. Grandma Minnie lived with one they called Uncle George who was blind. -From [Living] Gorden June 2011


Social Security Number: 308-01-2905


  1. Gorden, William Lafayette
    1. Sinton, Minnie Laura
      1. Gorden, Bernita
      2. Gorden, Thurl David
        1. Stites, Grace Irene
          1. Gorden, Lois Adeline
          2. Gorden, Donald Frank
          3. Gorden, Thurl William Jr.
          4. Gorden, Phyllis Elaine
          5. Gorden, [Living]
          6. Gorden, [Living]
          7. Gorden, [Living]
      3. Gorden, Emanuel G.
      4. Gorden, Israel C.