McCollough, Mary A.

Birth Name McCollough, Mary A.
Gender female


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth 1851-03-00 Florida, USA Birth of McCollough, Mary


    Family of Donaldson, William H. H. and McCollough, Mary A.
Married Husband Donaldson, William H. H.
Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Marriage 1882-01-05 Coffee, Alabama, USA Marriage of Donaldson, William and McCollough, Mary
  1. Donaldson, Unknown
  2. Donaldson, Dunkar L.
  3. Donaldson, Rosa A.
  4. Donaldson, James A.



Alabama Marriage Collection, 1800-1969
Name: W H H Donaldson
Spouse: Mary A McCollough
Marriage Date: 5 Jan 1882
County: Coffee
State: Alabama
Performed By Title: Minister
Performed by Name: J M Rowe
Source information: Jordan Dodd, Liahona Research


    1. McCollough, Mary A.
      1. Donaldson, William H. H.
        1. Donaldson, Dunkar L.
        2. Donaldson, Rosa A.
        3. Donaldson, James A.
        4. Donaldson, Unknown