Teal, William

Birth Name Teal, William
Gender male


    Family of Teal, William and Bowdon, Emma
Married Wife Bowdon, Emma
  1. Teal, Frances E.


The Teal
family came from South Carolina in 1840 and settled in Pike County,
Georgia, whence a few years later William Teal went to the Mexican
war, and was for many years a prominent farmer. He died at the age of
sixty-five. His wife. Emma Bowdon, was of a prominent family in whose
honor the Village of Bowdon is named. Mr. Newell's mother was born in
Pike County, Georgia.
--- From a book published in 1917 called "A standard history of Georgia and Georgians,
Volume 6" By Lucian Lamar Knight.


    1. Teal, William
      1. Bowdon, Emma
        1. Teal, Frances E.