Henry, Robert

Birth Name Henry, Robert
Gender male
Age at Death 69 years


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth 1787 Westmoreland, Pennsylvania, USA Birth of Henry, Robert
Death 1856   Death of Henry, Robert


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Henry, William
         Henry, Robert


    Family of Henry, Robert and Kirkpatrick, Betsey
Married Wife Kirkpatrick, Betsey
  1. Henry, Margaret
  2. Henry, James K.
  3. Henry, William A.
  4. Henry, Robert W.
  5. Henry, Charles N.
  6. Henry, David S.
    Family of Henry, Robert and McElhenny, Nancy
Married Wife McElhenny, Nancy
  1. Henry, Isaiah
  2. Henry, Tate M.
  3. Henry, Henry H.


Robert Henry was born in 1787 and died in 1856. He married Betsey Kirkpatrick, (date of their marriage is unknown) both were natives of Westmoreland county, PA. Betsey died in 1835 and Robert married his second wife Nancy McElhenny.

Robert Henry had a total of fourteen children, eight were still living in 1887 when the reference book was published. These children were: Margaret, born in 1809; James K. born in 1815; William A., born in 1823; Robert W., born in 1828; Charles N., born in 1830; David S., born in 1832; (their mother was Betsey Kirkpatrick) - Tate M., born in 1840; Henry H., born in 1842 and Isaiah, (their mother was Nancy McElhenny).

Four brothers enlisted and served in the Civil War - David S., Tate M., Henry H., and Isaiah. Isaiah served in the One Hundred and Fifth Pennsylvania Volunteers, was wounded, taken prisoner and confined in Libby Prison, was discharged and died on his way home in 1863. Tate M. was a pensioner, having been wounded.

William A. Henry was married in 1849 to Susan Ardery, of Porter township, PA. They had a family of two children - Margaret E. Henry, and Jemimah C. Henry. Jemimah married P. C. Wells, and had two children - Carl and Edna.
- Scott, "History of Clarion County" (1877)


  1. Henry, William
    1. Henry, Robert
      1. Kirkpatrick, Betsey
        1. Henry, James K.
        2. Henry, Margaret
        3. Henry, William A.
        4. Henry, Robert W.
        5. Henry, Charles N.
        6. Henry, David S.
      2. McElhenny, Nancy
        1. Henry, Tate M.
        2. Henry, Henry H.
        3. Henry, Isaiah