Sharp, Rosa J.

Birth Name Sharp, Rosa J.
Gender female
Age at Death 70 years, 8 months, 22 days


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth 1840-06-26 Angola, Steuben, Indiana, USA Birth of Sharp, Rosa J.
Death 1911-03-18 Clinton, Henry, Missouri, USA Death of Sharp, Rosa
Burial   Englewood Cemetery, Henry, Missouri, USA Burial of Sharp, Rosa
Event Note

Englewood Cemetery Part 08 - GADBERRY to GUYNN, Henry County, Missouri
Clinton Township

Location: T41, R26, S12 - 400 S. Vansant Rd, Clinton
Landowner: City of Clinton
Indexed By: Jean Rentchler Swann and Betty Jo Smith Johnson

GOODWIN, Rosa J. - b: Jan 26 1840 - d: Mar 18 1911 Clinton, MO - 71Y - bur: Blk:506 Lot:0714 Gr:05



Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Sharp, Stephen
Mother Ruddell, Rebecca
    Brother     Sharp, James
    Sister     Sharp, Martha
    Sister     Sharp, Sally Ann
    Brother     Sharp, George
    Sister     Sharp, Delilah
         Sharp, Rosa J.
    Sister     Sharp, Rebecca


    Family of Goodwin, William Edward and Sharp, Rosa J.
Married Husband Goodwin, William Edward
Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Marriage 1871-05-09 Edina, Knox, Missouri, USA Marriage of Goodwin, William and Sharp, Rosa
  1. Goodwin, Lee
  2. Goodwin, Marvin N
  3. Goodwin, May
  4. Goodwin, Margaret Elizabeth



He (William Goodwin) often teased Grandmother (Rosa Sharp) about an experience she had during the war. Yankee soldiers discovered the Sharp family had some flour and demanded that they make biscuits for them. Grandmother had to do it but spit in the biscuit dough. She was a dainty refined lady and when he told this she would say "Oh shucks Daddy." - Ruth Henry West


Mrs. Stark who oppened Cotty College in Nevada Mo. was a close friend of Grandmother's (Rosa Sharp Goodwin) and would always stay in their home when soliciting funds and students for the college. -Ruth Henry West


  1. Sharp, Stephen
    1. Ruddell, Rebecca
      1. Sharp, James
      2. Sharp, Martha
      3. Sharp, Sally Ann
      4. Sharp, George
      5. Sharp, Delilah
      6. Sharp, Rosa J.
        1. Goodwin, William Edward
          1. Goodwin, Marvin N
          2. Goodwin, May
          3. Goodwin, Margaret Elizabeth
          4. Goodwin, Lee
      7. Sharp, Rebecca