Cook, Deidamia

Birth Name Cook, Deidamia
Gender female


    Family of Woods, Junius and Cook, Deidamia
Married Husband Woods, Junius
  1. Woods, Frances Helen
  2. Woods, Nancy Marie
  3. Woods, Orson Cook
  4. Woods, Samuel Thomas
  5. Woods, Henry Smith
  6. Woods, Junius Edwin
  7. Woods, Clarissa
  8. Woods, Junius Edwin



Born in Connecticut according to 1900 United States Federal Census about Clarissa Park.


    1. Cook, Deidamia
      1. Woods, Junius
        1. Woods, Nancy Marie
        2. Woods, Samuel Thomas
        3. Woods, Clarissa
        4. Woods, Henry Smith
        5. Woods, Orson Cook
        6. Woods, Frances Helen
        7. Woods, Junius Edwin
        8. Woods, Junius Edwin