Henry, Esther Jane

Birth Name Henry, Esther Jane
Gender female
Age at Death 74 years, 11 days


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth 1905-12-21 Deepwater, Henry, Missouri, USA Birth of Henry, Esther
Death 1980 Harlingen, Cameron, Texas, USA Death of Henry, Esther


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Henry, Edward Howard
Mother Goodwin, Margaret Elizabeth
    Brother     Dr. Henry, Robert Glenn
    Sister     Henry, Ruth Janette
         Henry, Esther Jane
    Brother     Henry, Marvin Goodwin
    Brother     Henry, Edward
    Sister     Henry, Rosa Lee


    Family of Groce, Arthur W. and Henry, Esther Jane
Married Husband Groce, Arthur W.
  1. Groce, [Living]



From the Deepwater World:
Twin girls were born to Dr. and Mrs. E. H. Henry last Thursday, and it was thought for a time that Deepwater was going to lose Grandpa Goodwin. He came up missing and the last we saw of him he was headed north with his hat in his hand, going at a two by four gait to break the news to Grandma. The Dr. was able to get down town Friday morning and received the congratulations of his friends. The little ladies weighed 8 1/4 lbs each.


Glenn likes to tell the story that on Dec. 21, 1905 he learned that the world was round. He was at Aunt Stella's house for a Geography lesson when it was interrupted by a boy bounding in and yelling "Run home Glenn, you have two baby sisters." - Ruth Henry West


  1. Henry, Edward Howard
    1. Goodwin, Margaret Elizabeth
      1. Dr. Henry, Robert Glenn
      2. Henry, Ruth Janette
      3. Henry, Esther Jane
        1. Groce, Arthur W.
          1. Groce, [Living]
      4. Henry, Marvin Goodwin
      5. Henry, Edward
      6. Henry, Rosa Lee