Ankeny, George

Birth Name Ankeny, George
Gender male
Age at Death about 73 years, 2 months, 16 days


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth 1772-10-16 Hagerstown, Washington, MD, USA Birth of Ankeny, George
Death about 1846 Milford, Somerset, Pennsylvania, USA Death of Ankeny, George


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Angney, Christian Sr.
Mother Shaver, Elisabetha
         Ankeny, George
    Brother     Ankeny, David
    Brother     Ankeny, Henry
    Sister     Ankney, Elizabeth
    Brother     Ankeny, Christian Jr.
    Sister     Ankeny, Rosina
    Sister     Ankeny, Anna Maria
    Sister     Ankeny, Margaret
    Brother     Ankeny, Jacob


    Family of Ankeny, George and Putman, Mary Magdalena
Married Wife Putman, Mary Magdalena


Buried in New Centerville Cemetary.



George Ankeny
Part of the Third Generation of Ankneys
George was the oldest of Christians sons and was born in Hagerstown Maryland on October 16, 1772. This information is recorded in the Salem Church records and it was there he was baptized on November 12, 1772. He died in Milford Township, Somerset County probably on land his father had taken out in his name in 1774.

In 1794 he married Magdalena Putman, she was born September 30, 1773 and died October 2, 1858. Both Mary and George are buried in the New Centerville Cemetery. In the will of George Ankeny made July 25, 1846 a list of heirs given names nine children. The last will and testament of George Ankeny is in the Jenkins manuscript and in will book #4 pages 456-57 Somerset County Register of Wills office. George and Magdalena's children are:

Christian d.o.b. 1796 died September 15, 1872
Henryd.o.b. February 22,1805 died October 9,1878
Joanna d.o.b. July 15, 1816 died August 22, 1894
Sarah d.o.b. October 6, 1797 died April8, 1855
Elizabeth d.o.b. ? died ?
Margaret d.o.b. November 4,1803 died November 5,1864
Mary Magdalena d.o.b. September 6,1813 died August 6,1845
Regina d.o.b. ? died before 1860
Matilda d.o.b. ? died before 1846
These children of George make up the some of the fourth generation of the Dewalt Ankeny descendants in America. The writer of this paper is a direct descendent of George's son Henry. The development of this paper will continue from Henry's family.


  1. Angney, Christian Sr.
    1. Shaver, Elisabetha
      1. Ankeny, George
        1. Putman, Mary Magdalena
      2. Ankeny, David
      3. Ankeny, Henry
      4. Ankney, Elizabeth
      5. Ankeny, Christian Jr.
      6. Ankeny, Rosina
      7. Ankeny, Anna Maria
      8. Ankeny, Margaret
      9. Ankeny, Jacob