Donaldson, Nancy

Birth Name Donaldson, Nancy
Gender female


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth about 1857 Alabama, USA Birth of Donaldson, Nancy


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Donaldson, John
Mother , Louisa Elizabeth
    Brother     Donaldson, William H. H.
    Brother     Donaldson, John J.
    Brother     Donaldson, Soverign
    Brother     Donaldson, Thomas E.
    Sister     Donaldson, Martha
    Brother     Donaldson, David B.
    Sister     Donaldson, Marion A.
    Brother     Donaldson, Joel
    Sister     Donaldson, Louisa
         Donaldson, Nancy
    Brother     Donaldson, Gosper
    Brother     Donaldson, Jefferson D.
    Sister     Donaldson, Celia Missouri


  1. Donaldson, John
    1. , Louisa Elizabeth
      1. Donaldson, William H. H.
      2. Donaldson, Soverign
      3. Donaldson, Thomas E.
      4. Donaldson, Martha
      5. Donaldson, David B.
      6. Donaldson, Marion A.
      7. Donaldson, Joel
      8. Donaldson, John J.
      9. Donaldson, Louisa
      10. Donaldson, Nancy
      11. Donaldson, Gosper
      12. Donaldson, Jefferson D.
      13. Donaldson, Celia Missouri