Park, Charles Francis

Birth Name Park, Charles Francis
Gender male


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Park, William Junius
Mother Goodyear, Julia
         Park, Charles Francis
    Sister     Park, Anna Clara


    Family of Park, Charles Francis and , Anne
Married Wife , Anne
  1. Park, Charles Francis Jr.
  2. Park, Dorothy Anne
  3. Park, Elizabeth Jane



Had children: Charles Francis, Jr., Dorothy Anne, and Elizabeth Jane. -Tad Michael Parks of the Park/e/s Society


Saturday, November 6, 2010
Hello [Living],

Thank you for your note and the chart. That did answer a number of questions. Since you have found unfilled out membership application papers among her[Elsie Mary Park Osborne's] stuff, it would indicate that while she was in contact with The Society, she never, for whatever reason, followed through with the process.

However, I am happy to tell you that the attachment you sent along does correctly detail her line as being from Robert (1STW1) Parke (MA, 1630) through his son Thomas (02T1), and hence through Nathaniel, Jacob, Jacob, Jacob, Francis, William Junius who married first Julia Goodyear, and secondly Alice Sparrow, to children Charles Francis, Anna Clara, Junius Albert, and your Elsie Mary Parke who married Richard K. Osborne. The children of Charles Francis: Charles Francis, Jr., Dorothy Anne, and Elizabeth Jane, all became members of the Society.

This lineage is classified under the Lineage Key "T" and the Chart No. 12.

I may write in the future for some future information about this line but not at this moment.

Should you decide to affiliate with The Society, you can go to our Website ( and find the link to our Registrar who handles all things concerning new memberships.


Fr. Michael+

(Fr.) Michael (Tad) Parks+ SSC, PS#425H
Historian & Executive Director
The Parke Society, Inc.,


  1. Park, William Junius
    1. Goodyear, Julia
      1. Park, Charles Francis
        1. , Anne
          1. Park, Charles Francis Jr.
          2. Park, Dorothy Anne
          3. Park, Elizabeth Jane
      2. Park, Anna Clara