Mackie, William

Birth Name Mackie, William
Gender male


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Death about 1736   Death of Mackie, William
Event Note

William Mackie was born in Rockmacreany, Armagh, Ireland according to



Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Mackie, John
         Mackie, William
    Brother     Mackie, Benjamin


    Family of Mackie, William and , Anne
Married Wife , Anne
  1. Mackie, Samuel
  2. Mackie, Sarah



William Mackie (son of John), of Rockmacreany, Parish of Kilmore, County Armagh, made his will 10 Mo. 20, 1735. To be buried in the Money. £6 to poor of Ballyhagen Meeting. Mentions son-in-law, Jacob Sinton ; grandson, William Sinton ; son, Samuel Mackie ; brother Benjamin's three sons, John, William, and Joseph ; Benjamin Mackie's daughters, Mary and Jean ; sister, Rebecca Smith ; John Kell ; William, son of Joseph Mackie ; Jane Mackie, daughter of Samuel ; daughter Sarah Sinton ; grandsons, Thomas and Jacob Sinton. {Records of Ballyhagen Meeting.)

Note from the book Immigration of the Irish Quakers into Pennsylvania, 1682-1750 : with their early history in Ireland by Albert Cook Myers, M.L.


  1. Mackie, John
    1. Mackie, William
      1. , Anne
        1. Mackie, Sarah
        2. Mackie, Samuel
    2. Mackie, Benjamin