Miller, Jane

Birth Name Miller, Jane
Gender female


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Miller, Samuel
Mother Bollerhey, Margaret
    Sister     Miller, Sarah Margaret
    Brother     Miller, Harry
    Brother     Miller, Joseph Lawrence
    Brother     Miller, William
    Sister     Miller, Annie
    Sister     Miller, Serelda
    Sister     Miller, Minnie
         Miller, Jane
    Sister     Miller, Emma
    Sister     Miller, Fannie
    Sister     Miller, Myrtle
    Sister     Miller, Blanche


    Family of Phillippi, Charles and Miller, Jane
Married Husband Phillippi, Charles


  1. Miller, Samuel
    1. Bollerhey, Margaret
      1. Miller, Harry
      2. Miller, William
      3. Miller, Annie
      4. Miller, Serelda
      5. Miller, Minnie
      6. Miller, Jane
        1. Phillippi, Charles
      7. Miller, Emma
      8. Miller, Fannie
      9. Miller, Myrtle
      10. Miller, Blanche
      11. Miller, Joseph Lawrence
      12. Miller, Sarah Margaret