Ankney, Charles

Birth Name Ankney, Charles
Gender male
Age at Death 9 months, 20 days


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth 1880-05-16   Birth of Ankney, Charles
Death 1881-03-05   Death of Ankney, Charles


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Ankney, Peter
Mother Frye, Alice
    Brother     Ankney, Freeman
    Sister     Ankney, Della Mae
    Brother     Ankney, Elwood Beltz
    Sister     Ankney, Sarah
    Brother     Ankney, Lawrence Albert
    Sister     Ankney, Nettie
    Brother     Ankney, Gilbert Peter
    Brother     Ankney, Watson M.
    Sister     Ankney, Ella Norah
    Brother     Ankney, Jacob Henry
    Brother     Ankney, Josiah
         Ankney, Charles
    Sister     Ankney, Ratie
    Sister     Ankney, Stella
    Sister     Ankney, Clida B.
    Brother     Ankney, Herman Henry
    Brother     Ankney, Eli H.


  1. Ankney, Peter
    1. Frye, Alice
      1. Ankney, Freeman
      2. Ankney, Della Mae
      3. Ankney, Elwood Beltz
      4. Ankney, Sarah
      5. Ankney, Lawrence Albert
      6. Ankney, Nettie
      7. Ankney, Gilbert Peter
      8. Ankney, Watson M.
      9. Ankney, Ella Norah
      10. Ankney, Jacob Henry
      11. Ankney, Josiah
      12. Ankney, Charles
      13. Ankney, Ratie
      14. Ankney, Stella
      15. Ankney, Clida B.
      16. Ankney, Herman Henry
      17. Ankney, Eli H.