Vance, Cora Mae

Birth Name Vance, Cora Mae
Gender female
Age at Death 92 years


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth 1904   Birth of Vance, Cora
Death 1996   Death of Vance, Cora


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Vance, Benjamin Hill
Mother Hoffman, Ida Leonora
    Sister     Vance, Sarah Elizabeth
    Sister     Vance, Suvanah
    Sister     Vance, Lucy Mary
    Sister     Vance, Augusta Amanda
    Brother     Vance, Boyd Merle
    Sister     Vance, Elizabeth
    Sister     Vance, Vera Morgan
    Brother     Vance, James William
         Vance, Cora Mae
    Brother     Vance, Paul Adam
    Brother     Vance, Benjamin Hill Jr.
    Brother     Vance, Grover Walker
    Brother     Vance, Francis Marion


    Family of Bennett, Troy and Vance, Cora Mae
Married Husband Bennett, Troy
  1. Bennett, [Living]
  2. Bennett, [Living]



  1. Vance, Benjamin Hill
    1. Hoffman, Ida Leonora
      1. Vance, Grover Walker
      2. Vance, Sarah Elizabeth
      3. Vance, Suvanah
      4. Vance, Lucy Mary
      5. Vance, Augusta Amanda
      6. Vance, Boyd Merle
      7. Vance, Elizabeth
      8. Vance, Vera Morgan
      9. Vance, James William
      10. Vance, Cora Mae
        1. Bennett, Troy
          1. Bennett, [Living]
          2. Bennett, [Living]
      11. Vance, Paul Adam
      12. Vance, Benjamin Hill Jr.
      13. Vance, Francis Marion