Wolford, David

Birth Name Wolford, David
Gender male


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth 1873-09-28   Birth of Wolford, David
Event Note

Buried in Green Mountain Cemetary above Waterford, PA.



Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Wolford, Jacob Lohr Jr.
Mother Rummel, Catherine
    Brother     Wolford, James J.
    Brother     Wolford, John A.
    Brother     Wolford, Herman Henry
    Sister     Wolford, Mary Martha
         Wolford, David
    Brother     Wolford, William E.


    Family of Wolford, David and , Lavinna
Married Wife , Lavinna
  1. Wolford, Catherine
  2. Wolford, Kline



"...I seem to remember that Herman and a sister of his both looked native American. I am going from memory as I write this. I believe that Herman had a brother by the name of William who was also an unpaid pastor and a brother by the name of David. It seems to me that David moved out west, but I may be mistaken on that..." Gorden, [Private]


  1. Wolford, Jacob Lohr Jr.
    1. Rummel, Catherine
      1. Wolford, James J.
      2. Wolford, John A.
      3. Wolford, Mary Martha
      4. Wolford, Herman Henry
      5. Wolford, David
        1. , Lavinna
          1. Wolford, Catherine
          2. Wolford, Kline
      6. Wolford, William E.