Beatty, Nancy

Birth Name Beatty, Nancy
Gender female
Age at Death 46 years, 1 month, 27 days


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth 1819-08-15   Birth of Beatty, Nancy
Death 1865-10-11   Death of Beatty, Nancy
Event Note

Buried in Pleasant Grove Cemetary.



    Family of Ankney, Peter and Beatty, Nancy
Married Husband Ankney, Peter
  1. Ankney, Isaac
  2. Ankney, David
  3. Ankney, Emanuel
  4. Ankney, John W.
  5. Ankney, Amos
  6. Ankney, Mary Elizabeth
  7. Ankney, Catherine



    1. Beatty, Nancy
      1. Ankney, Peter
        1. Ankney, David
        2. Ankney, Emanuel
        3. Ankney, John W.
        4. Ankney, Amos
        5. Ankney, Mary Elizabeth
        6. Ankney, Catherine
        7. Ankney, Isaac