Bantley, Rose Elizabeth

Birth Name Bantley, Rose Elizabeth
Nick Name Belle
Gender female
Age at Death 57 years, 7 months, 16 days


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth 1876-06-18 Lebanon, Laclede, Missouri, USA Birth of Bantley, Rose
Death 1934-02-04 Los Angeles, Los Angeles, California, USA Death of Bantley, Rose


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Bantley, Charles Augustus
Mother Rogers, Alice Grey
    Brother     Bantley, Oscar Gottlieb
         Bantley, Rose Elizabeth
    Sister     Bantley, Beryl Ethel
    Brother     Bantley, Charles Herman


    Family of Meyer, Edwin Strathmore and Bantley, Rose Elizabeth
Married Husband Meyer, Edwin Strathmore
Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Marriage 1904   Marriage of Meyer, Edwin and Rose
  1. Meyer, Alice Elizabeth
  2. Meyer, Helen Rose
  3. Meyer, Dorothy Bantley
  4. Meyer, June May
  5. Meyer, Eleanor Louise



Edwin L. Meyer and Rose B. Bantley met at the 1903 World's Fair in St. Louis, Missouri. They were married in the First Methodist Church around 1904 in St. Louis, St. Louis Co., Missouri. They lived a short while in this parents big house after their marriage. President Grant was President of the U.S. (Note from Logan: It was Roosevelt).

After their marriage, Edwin owned a grocery store in Arkansas where my mother, Eleanor louise Meyer was born in Belleville, Yeh Co., Arkansas. They later moved to Tulsa, Oklahoma when my mother was 6 weeks old.

When Rose Bantley was 15 years old, her parents brought her out to California for a visit. This leaving a lasting impression on her, Edwin & Rose eventually brought the family out to California from Oklahoma in 1923, however, leaving their youngest daughter, my mother, Eleanor Louise Meyer, with Rose's sister, Aunt Beryle. Jack Gouy was to marry Aunt Beryle, and they had one son who was crippled in the war. Edwin & Rose soon settled in the Los Angeles Area where Edwin became a Stage Actor and delat in Real Estate. My mother was raised by Aunt Beryle at a very early age and followed her family to California later at the age of 5.

Edwin had 3 sisters, Florence, Daisy & Lillie Meyer. Rose's brothers & sisters were Beryle, Oscar, Johnnie & Charlene Bantley. - Arlene Teller Duncan


  1. Bantley, Charles Augustus
    1. Rogers, Alice Grey
      1. Bantley, Oscar Gottlieb
      2. Bantley, Rose Elizabeth
        1. Meyer, Edwin Strathmore
          1. Meyer, Alice Elizabeth
          2. Meyer, Helen Rose
          3. Meyer, Dorothy Bantley
          4. Meyer, June May
          5. Meyer, Eleanor Louise
      3. Bantley, Beryl Ethel
      4. Bantley, Charles Herman