Peoples, W.W.

Birth Name Peoples, W.W.
Gender male


    Family of Peoples, W.W. and Donaldson, Mattie Zula
Married Wife Donaldson, Mattie Zula
Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Marriage 1893-01-25 Coffee, Alabama, USA Marriage of Peoples and Donaldson, Mattie
Event Note

Alabama Marriage Collection, 1800-1969 about Mattie E Donaldson
Name: Mattie E Donaldson
Spouse: W W Peoples
Marriage Date: 25 Jan 1893
County: Coffee
State: Alabama
Performed By Title: Justice of the Peace
Performed by Name: J M Davis
Source information: Jordan Dodd, Liahona Research

Event Note

According to the 1930 Federal Census, she was first married at 14 years old.



Mattie is listed on the 1900 Federal Census as "Widowed," and on the 1910 Census she is listed as having been married three times. Perry and Mattie had only been married for 5/12 of a year when the 1910 Federal Census was taken. According to the 1930 Federal Census, Perry Durham was first married at the age of 21. - Gorden, [Private]


    1. Peoples, W.W.
      1. Donaldson, Mattie Zula