Bollerhey, Margaret

Birth Name Bollerhey, Margaret
Gender female
Age at Death 78 years, 9 months, 27 days


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth 1845-07-08   Birth of Bollerhey, Margaret
Death 1924-05-04   Death of Bollerhey, Margaret
Event Note

Probably buried in Green Mountain Cemetary, Waterford, Pennsylvania.



Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Bollerhey, Coonrod
Mother , Margaret
         Bollerhey, Margaret
    Brother     Bollerhey, John
    Sister     Bollerhey, Mary
    Sister     Bollerhey, Elizabeth
    Brother     Bollerhey, William
    Sister     Bollerhey, Sarah


    Family of Miller, Samuel and Bollerhey, Margaret
Married Husband Miller, Samuel
  1. Miller, Harry
  2. Miller, William
  3. Miller, Annie
  4. Miller, Serelda
  5. Miller, Minnie
  6. Miller, Jane
  7. Miller, Emma
  8. Miller, Fannie
  9. Miller, Myrtle
  10. Miller, Blanche
  11. Miller, Joseph Lawrence
  12. Miller, Sarah Margaret



Born in Pennsylvania according to Sarah "Sadie" Margaret Miller Wolford's entry in the 1910 Federal Census.


  1. Bollerhey, Coonrod
    1. , Margaret
      1. Bollerhey, John
      2. Bollerhey, Mary
      3. Bollerhey, Elizabeth
      4. Bollerhey, William
      5. Bollerhey, Sarah
      6. Bollerhey, Margaret
        1. Miller, Samuel
          1. Miller, Sarah Margaret
          2. Miller, Harry
          3. Miller, Joseph Lawrence
          4. Miller, William
          5. Miller, Annie
          6. Miller, Serelda
          7. Miller, Minnie
          8. Miller, Jane
          9. Miller, Emma
          10. Miller, Fannie
          11. Miller, Myrtle
          12. Miller, Blanche