The L. C. Mandeville Family

Carrie Louise Richardson Mandeville
Leroy Clifton Mandeville

Left to Right
Nell Mandeville (married C. K. Henderson)
Gobic? Richardson (Mrs. Mandeville's niece)
Eugenia Mandeville Watkins
John Appleton Mandeville
Camilla Mandeville (married John O. Newell) youngest girl in picture
Leroy Clifton Mandeville Jr. (called Sandy) youngest boy in picture.

I knew Mrs. Mandeville
Nell Henderson
John Appleton

-H.Raleigh Cannon III


  1. Mandeville, Camilla Maud
  2. Mandeville, Eugenia
  3. Mandeville, John Appleton
  4. Mandeville, Leroy Clifton
  5. Mandeville, Leroy Clifton
  6. Mandeville, Nellie Louise
  7. Richardson, Carrie Louise