Photo tagged from names on the back. Copy from Uncle Neal. The photo says on the back:

Emanuel Gorden
Clarence Stites
Galen Stites
Thurl Gorden
Israel Gorden
(Grandpa) Wm Gorden
Grace Gorden +
Baby Thurl Wm. (Junior)
Grandma (Minnie)
Rose Gorden's Mom, Mrs. Mc Cormick
Grace Gorden's Mom, Grandma Susan M. Stites
with Thurl + Grace's eldest son in her arms
(Donald Franklin Gorden) Lois A. Gorden, oldest child.


There are two corner notes:

(at Waterford, Gorden's home) 1927


beside her mom


  1. Gorden, Donald Frank
  2. Gorden, Emanuel G.
  3. Gorden, Israel C.
  4. Gorden, Lois Adeline
  5. Gorden, Thurl David
  6. Gorden, Thurl William Jr.
  7. Gorden, William Lafayette
  8. Merchant, Susan
  9. Sinton, Minnie Laura
  10. Stites, Galen Franklin
  11. Stites, Grace Irene