Family of Ankney, Peter and Frye, Alice


Married Husband Ankney, Peter
Married Wife Frye, Alice
Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Marriage 1866   Marriage of Ankney, Peter and Frye, Alice
  1. Ankney, Freeman
  2. Ankney, Della Mae
  3. Ankney, Elwood Beltz
  4. Ankney, Sarah
  5. Ankney, Lawrence Albert
  6. Ankney, Nettie
  7. Ankney, Gilbert Peter
  8. Ankney, Watson M.
  9. Ankney, Ella Norah
  10. Ankney, Jacob Henry
  11. Ankney, Josiah
  12. Ankney, Charles
  13. Ankney, Ratie
  14. Ankney, Stella
  15. Ankney, Clida B.
  16. Ankney, Herman Henry
  17. Ankney, Eli H.