Family of Henry, Robert John and Henry, Margaret Elmira


Married Husband Henry, Robert John
Married Wife Henry, Margaret Elmira
Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Marriage 1863-05-05 Clarion, Pennsylvania, USA Marriage of Henry, Robert and Margaret
  1. Henry, Ella L.
  2. Henry, Edward Howard
  3. Henry, Jenny H.
  4. Henry, Arnold
  5. Henry, Frank M
  6. Henry, Anna Belle
  7. Henry, Mae


When Robert John was a small boy, both his parents died in a plague. It might have been cholera. A family named Henry, but of no relation, took Robert John into their home and raised him as their son. The day they arrived at their farm he saw a pretty little girl standing by the well. he said to someone near by "When I grow up, I am going to marry that little girl." In May, 1863, he married that little girl, Elmira Henry. - Ruth Henry West
This explains the same last name.