Family of Cannon, Horace Wiley and Hefner, Nancy


Married Husband Cannon, Horace Wiley
Married Wife Hefner, Nancy
Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Marriage about 1833 Buncombe County, North Carolina, USA  
  1. Cannon, Malissa
  2. Cannon, Jabel V.
  3. Cannon, Amanda
  4. Cannon, Hannah C.
  5. Cannon, Horace Porter
  6. Cannon, Elizabeth M.
  7. Cannon, Henry K.
  8. Cannon, Russell E.
  9. Cannon, Susan R.
  10. Cannon, James Alvin
  11. Cannon, John Calvin
  12. Cannon, Eliza W.
  13. Cannon, Hiram Raleigh
  14. Cannon, Ada A.
  15. Cannon, Savannah B.